Karl Pajak Writes
Fort Worth, TX

Bio: Many people want to know how to write, what it takes. I tell them it's simple. I then have them pick a word, ask them to write it down. I then ask them to pick another word, one they think goes with the first word. I then ask them to write it down. I then ask them to continue the process until they have created a story. It's really that simple... just write. The hard part is becoming well written. That journey has been painful, and exhausting. Mainly because I can't dedicate enough time to my craft, something that is mandatory if you are to become well written. So, I languish in the back water region of some forgotten bowl of soup, floating among the other jetsam, until finally I fish myself out of the dregs and attempt to hone my craft again. Perhaps I am well written enough to actually give writing a go. It's time to find out.

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