And so it ends…

Looking back on the two stories, that were originally supposed to be five, that made it into the book I find myself at the jumping off point. A point where the assignment is over, and it’s now time to begin a new chapter. Do I really want to keep on writing, as this task has taken so much out of me. If pressed I would say yes, but I’m not sure anyone will be interested in my older works, and I know they are garbage compared to what they should be. I began those stories so long ago that they I view them now as being written with colored wax instruments. So do I really want to continue or do i want to begin again? I would like to finish the other three stories I have begun, those that did not make the Pink Final Cut.

And so I bled for the craft that is writing, and am I well written? No, I think not. I don’t know if one every truly becomes well written. I do know that having written something, I can say that I flew, I soared high into the sky and among the clouds. Most people that want to write are really people who want to want to write and simply never do.

I’ve been asked in the past what the key to being a writer is, I simply respond by asking the person to pick a word. I then have them write it down. Next I have them pick a word they think goes with it, and then have them write that down. I finally ask them to keep doing this until they’ve written the story. To never give up, even through adversity, even through the blood red pen marks and harsh critiques and criticisms, that is what it means to be a writer.

You can write every single day of your life, all day long and still not be well written. You have to want to be better, to improve. Couple that with your desire to write, and then actually do it.. then, and only then, will you be a writer.

From the inkwell…

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