The apocalypse

Faltering, mankind slowly dies. The world ended and life recedes into the darkness. Striding through the wastes to catalogue the end, one man. A vision shared of the life at the end of everything.

Walk with me as we write about the end of the Urth. Follow the arduous path. Perhaps you too will find these pathways meaningful.

There ain’t nuthin in them Megs cept death. We hide in The Edge, only to hunt the treasures of the past in em… the Megs hides tings, ayat its edge you can live. Beyond here… the Wasteland. Burda nan goin there. Chem death, nuke death, monster death… it’s all there is there.

Thulgh Minda – Uvatni Savie Nawlins

This blog is designed to be read by those interested in the end of the world. Perhaps you will find comfort in the tales by the firelight. Maybe you too will write about our end.

Karl Pajak 10,653 A.D. (149 N.E.)